Why You Can’t Poop On Vacation

Vacation is a time where all excitations, neurons, and a quick rush of adrenaline spin all over the body, yearning to be freed awakens; that tiny sensational feeling that get sprung at its chance of rest and relaxation, not necessarily at one’s home, but a movement to somewhere new and perfect for desired satisfaction. It is another say on vacation, and another with challenges pooping due to discomfort, or, my asshole isn’t complying’, you know, every chance of leaving home, yourself is found completely unable to poop.

As you stare at your unsettled self, not necessarily in a mirror, but a close of eyes in meditation, or a halt in moves; thinking, with days passing by, adding figures and you realize you haven’t gotten your ‘friendly one out of your asshole’, and instead of your vacation being enjoyed with loved ones, not less in humans, you find yourself thinking if you are going all stiff. Trust me, it keeps you so suffocating and intense; as if, living a life of captivity, for not pooping causes, you know, discomfort, sweaty and ultimately unlimited moves and reduction in food intake.

Miracle is seen when a wall of toilet is found and seems all comfortable for you, trust me, a book would be taken along, for it is going to be a long drive into the moon, furrowed eyebrows, half shot eyes, and the book slowly drifting off your hand: ‘phew. So relieving’. No doubt, oneself cannot be enjoyed when the urge to poop comes, but just can’t deliver. Vacation coming to an end, scream of freedom as you dash into your space to give liberty to that ‘innocent caged chum’ to have its home. If this scenario sounds replica to you, then you might be one of those who find difficulty in pooping on vacations. No jerk! No fear, it is pretty regular and not uncommon, okay?

Here Are Reasons Why You Can’t Poop On Vacation

·         Alteration In Food Routine:

Who doesn’t want to live life to the fullest, especially days of vacation – dinning, tasting different cultural foods depending on a desired limited visit to a special place, doing incredible things mind thought of while occupied in work, and even more. Who doesn’t get bored of the actual same routine? Intake of what the body is accustomed to, at a speculated time, you know, predictable life. Psst! Surveillance on food intake is like a pry on an organization you tend to do quit often. Getting nearer to vacation period, you get all lists written in cravings, deeds, and literally sending chills to your spine, for it is like a new beginning. In between the tryout of meals, you tend to go out of proper food arrangements. I see you staring, speechless.

It is something you totally relate to because you are eating and drinking totally differently on days of such.  So, in bleaks for a change, foods should be gotten that shouldn’t be left uneaten like: FIBRE; the key to unleash a nourished body. The prominent part of it is, it stimulates and regulate the mucus layer on our intestinal walls, which automatically helps relieve the symptoms of constipation. Fact here is, fruits and vegetables have similar effect as water. Although, the rate in which snacks are displayed in airports and rest stops; very similar to the population of China calculated in census. Hence, it is understandable getting to misplace one’s eating habit. And, as said in aforementioned sentences above, healthy eating is exempted on vacation, so try avoid all the temptations of junks; snacks, chocolates, chips and more for they won’t be friendly on your poop. But, with a tap at the back, hey! Watch out, for your poop would reciprocate what you deliver. Wanting to enjoy your stay, nah! It comes with discomfort, and you tend not to have an intended vacation afterwards.

A plus, not just fiber being the superhero, fermented foods such as yoghurt can help relieve intestinal problems, too. Additional hint, I know I am generous, try on doing experimentation on foods by asking before buying rest spot foods, what ingredients were used. We have different countries having various ingredients and cooking methods which might affect your bowel movements in unexpected ways. Don’t mute your meant-to-be-spoken-lips, for ingredients used might be what you are allergic to, and with that, constipation will come with its full chest bringing along diarrhea to claim your world. Hence, when you eat outside, your gut bacteria may become affected, which leads to problems in your digestion system.

·           Travelling Constipation

Crappiness? Er, can halt all enjoyments and excitements. Oops! Being cautious of your digestion sensitivity is key, and it is very sensitive to change. No doubt, travelling comes with stress, and can create a stumbling occurrence, giving your innocent poop problems. Lol. But, you can’t have a consistent constipation during travel, so you ain’t doomed, okay? A highlight in first point, a review sort of, carriage of enough fiber foods. Good news, they ain’t weighty, for I know complaints will be placed on ‘ much loads’. Nah! As light as air. Just equating its intake perfect it all, for due to its benefits, overdose of its intake can cause complications, too. And, in preparation for movements during the vacation, exercises should be made to avoid being stiff like a dried date – a saunter round the airport or your any desired space helps too; that is, try to stay active during vacation. Hence, yoga is encouraged to stretch the body, jogging, or going to the gym.

Also, just as exercises are encouraged, rest too plays its pertinent role. Don’t spend the whole day stressing; I mean, being relaxed and less anxious about pooping due to your home away. Settle, for your body system will do its thing. And, if anxiety strikes like an opponent in war, you can bring in your big guns, simple. (winks) And remember, anxiety of being in a new place can spring forth the odds. The cause of constipation mustn’t be seen; physical, but can be inward, that is, anxiety of using a toilet in unfamiliar places. Some persons have routines in the bathroom, and stepping out of your comfort zone can trick you to perform in your cue – It is better you stick with your routine and poop when you normally would. Consistent doings maintain and regulate  your body clock So, when anxiety of toilet fear comes, it gets you hydrated, and water intake solves that. Water helps regulate the body; keeping the body in check, and it keeps problems at bay. (a problem solved)

A vacation is meant to be satisfactory, taking you out of your schedules, taking your best of wears, making memories that could be exhumed later on, presence of family and desired ones, laughter, and whatever excitatory idea your mind could captivate. Expectations making a u-turn, leaving you dark and dull. Yes! Having a constipated stomach and not being able to poop can treat you such. What is worse than that? Let’s leave it for you to respond.  Another informative facts on your difficulty pooping is:

·         Presence Of Probiotics

Here, still on food consumption because it is basically what you eat that causes issues with your body. Probiotics are microorganisms found in fermented foods and supplements, in which a very known fermented edible piece is yoghurt. Hence, intake of kimchi and yoghurt are good options. Researches suggest that the bacteria in Probiotics which are good can soften stools ,ease constipation and boost bowel movement.

Vacations are meant to be full of life, don’t you think? Reduce fatty foods, excessive embrace to unhealthy snacks like candy, cheese, processed foods and more. Despite tasting all great, they can make your constipation worse. During vacation, the healthiest foods might be shifted aside for more exploration, for it is hard to maintain your food routine on vacation, who wouldn’t? But, for a fun break, do the needful and avoid foods that will ruin the vacation.

We cannot talk on food and won’t mention rest. Keeping your bowel healthy starts with what you put into it. Obedience to bodily signal stands wise. C’mon! you want to explore and party, spilling champagne all over the place – when your body signals you with a headache, be humble to obey. Go poop as soon as you feel the urge. Obey every signal just like a traffic light, for the longer your poop stays in the colon, the likelihood it get stiff, hard and dried which can cause difficulty pooping, too. Over-working the body and expecting to have a remarkable vacation afterwards isn’t possible. Refusing the urge to rest can increase constipation still, and what is gained afterwards? Difficulty pooping, polluting of gas, soar-mouthed taste and more. So, have an unforgettable vacation in negative outcome, or a remarkable one?  So, it is better your intake of probiotics is active even before the vacation day so that the bacteria has time to grow.

Heard of GI tract? GI is gastrointestinal tract which is from the mouth to the anus which includes all organs of the digestive system in humans and animals too. So sensitive it is to change it stands to be. Little things all together can lead to an issue of tied problems. Hence, vacation takes a lot which can change your body system at a blink, and this can create a perfect unsettled self due to poop problems, and with this, you tend to give your anus a pep talk. So, to safe your anal region the stress of not doing need be, eat responsibly. Psst! But, isn’t eating while vacating the best of it? Yes, you right, but as said, eat appropriately.

It is never too late to realize and learn all written sentences. It is never too late to have that perfect vacation you desire, trust me – at least, you ain’t dying down, so keep your nerves up. Your next vacation after the read of this article would certainly bring a light to your darken days; magical too. It is easy to get confused when you are moving fast; realizing you have lived several years with unfilled vacation due to your lack of cognizance in having a perfect vacation, thinking you are doing the right thing when you are not. But, here is a time to make a balance. You could take a step. You could take a breath. The next time a vacation is experienced, with this great piece, trust me, it will be remarkable when the needful is done.

Final Thoughts

Next time, when you see cheesy foods dazzling at the reflect of the sun, fatty foods all moist up in appetizing glance, just remember that part of what make a vacation remarkable is, staring and whispering to yourself: ‘I cannot ruin my vacation’, and you pick something healthier. Don’t be in a haste to make choices in meals, even Cheetah observes before going hurting. So, take a step and process. How can you? Breakfast in seconds, a thousand photograph in one burst or a sudden like at a thing. Be sure, not unsure – better still, earlier arrangement sums it all together in perfect harmony. A list of what and where to get what would be needed. Eliminating anxiety of a new place; buttocks getting home sick. Presence of rest and exercises to regulate the body. Water intake in its heightened level, and more as explained above.

The bottom line, difficulty in pooping on a vacation isn’t uncommon, for it can happen to anyone. But, you can do a lot to prevent the worst of your vacation – just try to maintain your routine diet and bodily exercises as closely as possible no matter the vacation spot or place, and not just a vacation full of your active participation in every events and outing, but also, the time spent with desired ones would be unlimited as planned. And, if still struggling to poop despite trying everything, a laxative can substitute and help get your bowels moving flexibly again. 

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