Why Some People Cry When Pooping

We all poop. But not everyone mentions what goes on while they’re doing the act.

This is why if your eyes water while you’re relieving yourself, especially when there’s hardly any pain—whether physical or emotional.

However, the truth remains that there are forums and websites like Reddit that have entire communities with the same content.

But it’s necessary to remember that if you really scream in pain when pooping, that’s not good. In this article, we will discuss the painless and unconscious tears experienced during bowel movements. If your bowel movements cause severe pain, please consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Why do some of us cry when we are relieving ourselves? There is some scientific basis behind this. Let’s discuss why this happens if it’s normal, and what you can do if you think it indicates a potential problem.

What Brings Tears To Your Eyes During Poop

Your pooping tears may not have a single cause. However, doctors, researchers, and normal people who have the same thing have some theories.

Pressure in the abdomen: A popular theory is that the cause is pressure in the abdomen. When the abdominal muscles bend and stretch to flush the intestines, they exert pressure on the surrounding membranes and organs.

This pressure, combined with normal breathing, puts extra pressure on the blood vessels and nerves covering the abdomen, causing tears.

Even if you don’t feel pain, it can happen.  Abdominal pressure also puts more pressure on your head, leading to tears, because the lacrimal glands are also strained by the pressure of the head.

This can also be called a primary headache from exertion. This happens when you stretch the muscles in your abdomen. This also puts pressure on the muscles of the neck and head.

Vagus nerve: Several doctors are of the opinion that your vagus nerve may be the cause of your eyes watering as you poop. It’s called the “brain-gut axis” because it passes through the intestines into your head.

This nerve is a large cranial nerve and it sends impulses from the intestines to the brain. It has two main functions: sensory and muscle movement.

This peculiar nerve not only controls the sensation around the head, but also helps to move the muscles of the neck, heart, and stomach, including the intestinal muscles.

Therefore, researchers believe that when you put pressure on the small intestine muscles by pooping, you will send out pressure impulses of relief and strain to your brain.

This may cause two things. The first is the intensity of the push that sends impulses to your brain that can trigger neural responses, such as goosebumps as well as other muscle impulses controlling your heartbeat.

Another effect is a phenomenon called “poo-phoria”. When changes in the rectum exert pressure on the vagus nerve, these literal feelings of excitement can be very satisfying.

This may be due to the decrease in heart rate and blood pressure when your vague nerve is being stimulated as you relieve yourself.

Is This Normal?

When pooping, it is perfectly normal for you to cry (of course, with some caveats to that).

When you sit in the loo, very complex interactions occur between your head, intestines, and the blood vessels, nerves, and muscles. At the same time, there may be complicated reactions.

There is no specific number of how many people have this feeling when they go to ease themselves. But there is no indication that accidental watering of the eyes during pooping the toilet will cause problems.

When Will This Become Problematic?

If you have tears in your eyes when you empty your bowels and you notice an abnormality in your poo, you may have problems that require medical attention, such as:

●     having severe or intense pain when pooping

●     if your poop is discolored or black

●     if there’s blood in the poop

●     going to the toilet less than twice in two weeks

●     if your gut swells abnormally

●     if you feel full even when you haven’t eaten

●     constantly having gas in your gut

●     having abnormal acid reflux or heartburn episodes

How You Can Have Healthier Poops

These are a few pointers on how you can have healthier bowel movements so you don’t use force while taking a shit.

Cut down on your consumption of things that upset your stomach: Dairy products, caffeine, alcohol as well as other irritants can lead to diarrhea. This has an effect on normal bowel movements, leading to constipation and diarrhea.

Regular water intake: Drink about 2 liters of water a day to stay hydrated. Take some liquids containing electrolytes.  Increase the amount of water you take in hot weather, especially when you are active, to replace lost water.

Eat lots of fiber with each meal: Take between 25 and 38 grams of fibrous food per day. The right amount of fiber in the diet helps in easier bowel movements.

Don’t add too much fiber at once, because it will indeed make you more constipated. Every few days or once a week, gradually increase your fiber intake.

Some good foods that contain fiber include:

●     Nuts, such as peanuts and almonds

●     Cereal Bread

●     Fruits such as blueberries and strawberries 

●     Vegetables including carrots and broccoli

Regular daily exercises for about 15 to 20 minutes: Regular exercises help in moving stool and increasing muscle strength so that you will not overwork your system when you are taking a shit.

Relieve yourself immediately the feeling comes: Holding your excreta for a long time makes it hard and dry which is harder to push out.

Wrap Up

If when you poop, your eyes become teary, that’s not a big deal unless you have pain or other bowel problems. 

If you feel pain or discomfort when you poop consult your doctor. Any type of persistent bowel pain or recurrent gut problems may indicate a problem that requires treatment.

If you have painful poops, try changing your lifestyle to help remove the stool more easily. Most of the time, regular bowel movements can have an unexpectedly positive effect on your mood and health.

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