Five Christmas Lessons From Poop

It’s Christmas, a festive season of celebration and giving. However, on a seemingly unrelated topic, if we were to list 10 things, we despise the most in life, I would like to bet that poop may be one of those things. We use different names of poop to describe things we see as repugnant, or disgusting. However, I want us to look at poop from a different angle. We would try to relate poop with Christmas today since this is our Christmas special. Today, our teacher – sage Poop – will be showing us 5 Christmas lessons we can learn from him.

One man’s food is another man’s poison

We have all heard of this saying before. When someone says one man’s food is another man’s poison, what they mean is what is disgusting and foul to one person may actually be just what another person needs or even depends on. How does this relate to poop? You see, humans and other animals who are capable of pooping generally regard their poop with disgust. You only see a few exceptions in starving dogs who eat their poop. However, if these animals who eat poop has enough food to eat, they probably would not consider poop as something on the menu. However, poop is one of the most environmentally friendly things we can give to this planet. It is an organic manure and can supply juicy nutrients to those plants which we eat. Flies need your poop or other rotten stuff to house their offspring (maggots). So, what is considered as vile poison to us is more like food to the plants. A lesson I learned from that is, whether in our businesses, relationships or any other social interactions, we should know that what we do not want may be exactly what another man needs. So, instead of throwing away those old socks and shirts, why not donate them to charity and touch another life.

Nothing is completely useless

If we are to take another look at our teacher sage Poop, we would notice that nothing is completely useless. For example, most people think poop is useless. Even after looking at our first lesson, you may still think – “poop may be useful to plants, maggots and all but it is completely useless to me.” Well, maybe not. If you are in a post-apocalyptic situation like a zombie apocalypse and you can’t get access to a good source of fuel, let me give you a hint. Dry poop is a very good source of fuel. This has been known for a long time in a religious/historical context, let’s look at the bible. GOD once asked the prophet, Ezekiel, to bake his bread with human poop but when Ezekiel objected due to the unclean nature of human poop, GOD told him to use cow’s poop instead (Ezekiel 4:12-15). Also, in 1 Kings 14:10, a simile was made to burning King Jeroboam’s house as someone burns poop. In our modern world, if you use biogas, you have used a fuel made from poop. This shows us that everything is useful, we just might not know what they can be used for yet. So, this Christmas why not go through your garage junk trying to find or create something useful from something you previously thought was not useful. You may be surprised at the result.

What comes out of you says a lot about you

A wise man once said, “It is not what goes into your mouth that defiles you but what comes out of you.” Your poop can tell you many things about your health. From simple things to more complex things. For example, if you pass out a watery stool, you would know you have diarrhea (maybe from food poisoning or cholera). If a doctor finds occult blood in your stool, then you probably have an ulcer or worse cancer or a hemorrhagic fever like Ebola. Even the bacteria found in your poop say a lot about you. What sage Poop is saying here is – If you are good inside, good things will come out of you – and if you are an “asshole” inside – a lot of shit is going to come out of you.

What you think is a waste can also be your medicine

Believe it or not, poop has been used for its medicinal properties. From the outright disgusting use of the Nile crocodile poop by Egyptian women as contraceptives to other traditional medicine which required that people eat a mixture containing poop. in modern medicine, we use poop as medicine in various ways too. While poop is mostly used to diagnose sicknesses, you can read about poop transplant where poop from a healthy person is almost literally shoved up your butt. This is because healthy poop has healthy bacteria that can help replace healthy intestinal bacteria in someone whose intestinal ecosystem has gone out of whack. What sage Poop is trying to tell us here is that we should pay more attention to those people who others reject. They may just have a golden piece of information for you around the corner

We can’t actually know it all

If you have been following the previous lessons from poop, you may have to admit that there is still so much to poop that we do not know. We may find a completely new and amazing use for poop in the near future. Sage Poop says pay more attention to your kids, spouse and those around you. You cannot know everything about any single human being. Try not to be judgemental about others and get to know them more before judging them. It’s a season to show love to mankind. After all, that’s what the person who Christmas is named after did – he showed love to everyone.


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