Emily & Martina

When nature calls, you need to answer. You might need to make a “number two” at a moment’s notice. When that happens, you need to pause whatever you’re doing and take care of business.

This is the story of two girls named Martina and Emily.

Emily was working in a campus laboratory. She wrote something down in her notebook as her leg bounced anxiously. Her friend Martina came by to give her a ride home.

“Just a minute,” Emily said.

Recently, Emily began working as one of her professor’s research assistants. The job had decent pay, but Emily found herself distracted quite often.

“I am almost finished,” she muttered. “Almost there…” Emily flipped the page over. “Hold on, there is a little more to go…”

Martina sighed.

She and Emily were childhood friends. Emily was a pale white girl and quite skinny. Her brown ponytail was often messy, and she always had glasses on. On this particular day, though, she was wearing a knee-long skirt and a buttoned-up white blouse.

Martina was slightly different. As someone of mixed race, she was fairly dark-skinned. Her mother and father were immigrants. Martina’s straight hair was jet black and fell over her shoulders. In comparison to Emily, she was in great shape – Martina taught people how to kickbox in the early mornings when she wasn’t working out. Martina prided herself on being strong. On most days, she wore jeans and a T-shirt, and always looked great in them.

Martina and Emily were quite the odd couple, but they always supported one another. Emily made Martina laugh and vice versa.

The lab they were in wasn’t terribly exciting – the majority of its shelves were stacked with textbooks. Looking across the room, Martina spotted a transparent plastic container containing small lizards.

“Hey guys,” Martina cooed while tapping the container. The lizards did not budge, though.

“Leave them alone,” said Emily, unphased by the tapping. “I want those lizards to mate.”

“Now, there’s a visual,” Martina replied.

She began to pace around the lab. That’s when Martina discovered a bunch of personal items sitting on the professor’s desk. A worn-out couch was also there. But there is something else that captured her attention – a plastic bag with a label on it that said “FITNESS NUTRIENTS.” The bag also contained dozens of brown tablets.

“He takes fitness nutrients?” Martina asked.

“Yes,” replied Emily, not taking her eyes away from her project. “The professor is in the process of developing a formula for some vitamins. Her mother’s retirement residence has a fitness program…”

Martina zoned out listening to Emily’s explanation, took a tablet, put it in her mouth, and swallowed it.

“I really should be taking vitamins anyways,” she thought to herself. It was a large tablet, but Martina didn’t have trouble swallowing it down.

“Are you close to finishing?” She asked, clearing her throat.

“Just a few more minutes, sorry…” Emily replied.

Martina let out a big sigh and flopped onto the couch. Its cushions had rips in them, and the furniture gave off a distinct smell. Much to her surprise, though, it was very soft.

Martina stretched her legs and laid her head on a throw pillow. She let out a yawn.

“Hey, stay awake, you,” Emily warned. “Just a few more minutes, and I will be all done.”

“Don’t worry,” said Martina. “I will not fall asleep.”

Martina had taught a kickboxing class earlier that morning, so her legs felt sore. Having a chance to relax felt quite nice. A handful of minutes had passed, and sleepiness started setting in. That damn couch was way too comfortable. Before she knew it, Emily was tapping on Martina’s shoulder.

“Okay, I’m good to go,” Emily said.

“Bad timing,” Martina replied, rolling over. “I am so sleepy right now…”

“Yes, I can see that,” sighed Emily. “Don’t worry, if you want to keep resting, there is some more work that I would like to get to, anyway.”

Emily left her friend alone. Martina ended up falling into a deep sleep. Before long, she began dreaming about an intimate moment with one of her exercise partners. It was a pleasant dream for Martina, because it had been a while since the last time she got laid.

Without warning, though, a sharp stomach pain had woken her up.

“Ouch!” She screamed, sitting up and holding her stomach. She looked over at Emily, who was studying on a lab bench.

“Emily,” Martina shouted at her friend. “Was I sleeping for?”

“For about two hours, actually,” Emily replied. “You were knocked out.”

“I’m sorry,” Martina apologized. “I guess I didn’t realize how tired I was. Suddenly, her midsection received another sharp pain. “My stomach really hurts all of a sudden…”

“Maybe you are just hungry,” Emily suggested. “It is close to dinnertime, after all.”

“No, that’s not it,” replied Martina while rubbing her now-bloated belly. She also noticed that her pants were tighter than usual.

She could feel some gas coming on. A few seconds later, Martina let out a loud belch. Her mouth had an odor to it – it smelled kind of like gasoline.

“Excuse you,” Emily said to her friend with a look of disgust.

“My apologies,” Martina said before belting out another burp. “I feel strange, though. You think it has something to do with those vitamins?”

“What vitamins?” Emily asked before suddenly turning pale. “Hold up…please tell me you did not swallow a tablet from the professor’s bag…”

“Yeah, that’s exactly what I did,” Martina replied, suddenly concerned. “Should I not have done that?”

“Oh my God, Martina!” Emily screamed. “One of those tablets is enough for 20 senior citizens! They are intended to dissolve in a large container before consumption!”

“Oh no,” Martina said, still releasing gas. “What is in the vitamins?”

“I have no idea…it is an experimental vitamin!” Emily said, hyperventilating. “Come on. We are going to the hospital right now.”

“Oh, I don’t think that’s necessary,” Martina replied, waving her hands in reassurance. Emily suffered from anxiety issues, and Martina was used to calming her down. “Just tell me this thing isn’t going to kill me.”

“It probably won’t,” Emily replied.

“Great, so there is nothing to worry about, then,” Martina said.

“Yes, but the experience you are about to go through won’t be pleasant,” Emily explained while pushing her eyeglasses up. “The tablet is intended to expand in water. You see, it produces a thick foam, and that has to come right out of your body in some way…”

“What do you mean by that?” Martina asked.

“You are probably going to take a massive poop, to be blunt!” Emily replied.

“Well, that’s just great,” Martina said with a chuckle. “A super-duper poop?”

“The worst poop ever!” Emily laughed.

“Now that superpower is pretty shitty!” Martina said while laughing.

Martina felt another sharp pain, clutching her stomach right after. She sat right back on to the sofa. Her belly made a gurgle that sounded foul.

“That does not sound very good,” Emily said, concerned.

“It does not feel very good, either,” Martina grunted. She felt pressure moving in a downward direction inside of her.

“Oh no,”

“What you mean by that?” Emily questioned.

“I really am sorry…” Martina warned. She leaned her body forward before releasing a massive fart. There was no way Martina would’ve been able to hold it back. The air that blasted from her butt was so strong that it almost ripped a hole in her jeans. One could liken the sound to the firing of a canon: boom!

“Oh, come on!” Emily whimpered.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…” Martina said with her eyes closed. That’s because more gas was on the way. She felt a bulging pressure of gas going in the direction of her sphincter. The only thing she was able to do was hover forward, make her butt feel relaxed, and pray that everything worked out in the end.

The gas belted from her ass like a tornado. In fact, a little bit of gas inflated her jeans, just for a second, though. The sensation felt like a tickle to Martina.

“Oh, geez…” She sighed.

One fart followed another. As the air found its way out of Martina’s body, she noticed it make a sound. She felt a shrinking in her stomach, and the pants she was wearing began to feel looser than usual. She continued to lean forward and allow the gas to pass liberally.

After about 10 seconds, the farts came to an end.

“Oh, god!” Martina gasped.

“That last one was a super-duper fart,” Emily said, holding her nose.

“It was definitely one for the hall of fame,” Martina agreed.

That is when the smell touched their noses, and it had a chemical odor that was overwhelming. In fact, the air was almost toxic. This forced Emily to take a step back.

“Oh, wow!” She gagged.

“That is an offensive stench!” Martina said while waving her hand.

They were encompassed by the smell, which, before long, filled up the whole lab. Both girls felt giddy. Shortly afterward, they began to feel lightheaded.

“This is disgusting!” Emily screamed while giggling. “Why in the world are we so amused by this?”

“Because silly, it’s funny!”

Another wave of gas moved through Martina’s intestines before she let another one rip. The noise that came out was akin to an earthquake! Martina belched again with an open mouth, this time releasing a cloud of foul-smelling fumes.

“This is like chemical warfare!” Shouted Emily.

“Some might even call it a – wait for it – stink bomb!” Martina replied. They both started cracking up again. And honestly, who could blame them. If farts don’t make you laugh from time to time, and you need to lighten up, quite frankly. Everybody farts – guys and girls all the same. As embarrassing as it may be in public, it isn’t something we should look down on others for.

There was a key problem with all this farting, though, and that was discomfort. Martina’s stomach was still bloated, almost in a painful way. The farts gave her short-term relief only.

“How long will it be until those farts turn into something else?” asked Emily.

“Oh, you mean a super-duper poop?” Martina shrugged her shoulders.” I’m not sure, to be honest.”

Martina considered hanging out around campus, but changed her mind when she realized that much she disliked the public restrooms there. Girls in college do not always flush. Sometimes, you’ll even find urine on the toilet seat. Many toilets are non-functional, to boot.

“You think you’ll be able to drive all the way home?” Martina asked.

“It seems like a risk,” Emily responded.

“Well, danger is my middle name,” Martina joked. She began rubbing her belly, which was swelling up. “All right, let’s leave this place.”

Fortunately, the campus was mostly vacant. Martina was unable to stop farting from the lab to her car. The whole hallway was fumigated with the gas she let out.

“Martina,” Emily whispered to her friend while looking from one side to another. “Is there any way you can hold your farts in until…”

“Nope, there is not!” Martina declared without lowering her voice. “I literally can’t stop farting, girl!”

Martina immediately regretted what she said, not taking the echoing of the campus hallways into consideration. Her face turned as red as a tomato out of embarrassment.

While walking, Martina’s stomach began to feel heavy, almost stretched out. The pants she was wearing felt very tight. Her thighs began rubbing against one another. In a strange turn of events, the sensation felt very good, almost…sexual.

“Try to keep this to yourself,” Martina whispered to Emily. “But occasionally, I get turned on when my bladder feels full. I’m sure I’m not the only girl who feels that way.”

“What happens if we do not make it home in time?” Emily asked, realizing that the gassy smell was following them to the car. The windows were opened up as soon as both girls got in. “Keep in mind that it can be another 20 minutes before we get there.”

“I’m sure I will be able to control myself up to that point,” Martina said with confidence, speeding up. But, in spite of the windows being wide-open, the scent of farts and burps filled up the car while they drove.

“This is terrible!” Emily complained.

“I apologize,” Martina laughed. “I simply cannot hold this in!”

“This could have all been prevented if you hadn’t swallowed that tablet!” Emily said, shaking her head.

“Yeah, that was not my best moment, “ Martina admitted. “But still, I’m sure we have been in much weirder situations.”

Martina put the pedal to the metal, but stopping at each red light was slowing them down. 50% of the drive took place on empty, long highway stretches, and there was nothing but forestry on both sides of the roads. Martina was tempted to speed up, but she was mindful of police monitoring in the area. Being told to pull over was not an option at that point. The pressure coming from her butt continued to grow stronger with each passing second.

“Emily,” Martina said in a dark tone. “I think I’m about to tell you something you don’t want to hear…”

“Please don’t say it,” Emily whimpered. “I knew it. I knew that this was a big risk!”

“Yeah, I should probably have listened to you in the first place…” Martina replied.

Her lower abdomen seemed to be painfully bulging out. She felt a heavy weight within her, and it seemed to be shifting in a downward direction. Martina didn’t have a lot of time and began to whimper.

“This doesn’t look good,” she groaned, gritting her teeth.

What Martina did not tell her friend was that all the pressure building inside of her was pushing up against her erogenous zone. Succinctly, Martina was getting aroused. She began squirming in her car seat while squeezing her sphincter shut.

“Oh, man…” She cried.

“Do not lose control,” Emily warned her friend with a look of concern on her face. “If you do, a lot is going to come barreling out of your butt, not just a little bit!”


“Emily,” Martina said. “I don’t know if I will be able to make it all the way home…”

The pressure continued to move in a downward direction, and almost made it to her sphincter. Regardless of how much she was clenching, there wasn’t much she could have done to hold anything back for very much longer. The girls were still not close to being home, but at this point, they had traveled far away enough from the lab.

“Emily,” Martina gasped. “I apologize, but I am going to have to pull the car over!” Emily didn’t argue.

Martina pulled the car over on the curb of the road. Fortunately, they were surrounded by trees, and plenty of grass separated them from the highway.

Martina barely turned the engine off as she scrambled out of her car. It took all of her strength to keep clenching up. Her guts felt so huge that she could barely walk. Her heart felt like it was about to burst out of her chest.

“I gotta poo, Emily!” she cried, running away from the car.

Martina was on the verge of shitting her pants. She began unbuttoning her pants while waddling across the ground.

“Martina!” Emily called out, not far behind Martina. “Will you be okay?”

Martina didn’t answer. The poor girl could not think clearly. The pressure that had built inside of her felt extreme, almost painful…but oddly sensual.

“Oh, boy…” Martina squealed.

Then, without warning, she lost control. Her butthole began opening up as her body crouched. Something began to come out of her butt. Fortunately, she found some trees to squat between and pulled her pants down. She felt the grass tickling her ass cheeks.

Martina relaxed her butt. The feeling of relief was exhilarating.

Her butthole widened and stretched out. Martina’s eyes were tightly closed as she gritted her teeth.

“Oh…” Martina groaned.

“Are you doing okay, Martina?” Emily shouted.

“Yeah, I think I… Oh!”

The poop started to come out, teasing her intestines in the process. This was, without a doubt, the largest and firmest shit she had ever taken. Martina likened the sensation to a steel pipe coming out from her body.

“Oh my goodness,” Martina wheezed with her eyes closed.

It was painful, but Martina wasn’t complaining. The feeling was a lot like having intercourse – but instead of a penis in her vagina, what was making its way out of her was much larger than she was used to. Martina had never tried anal sex, but she assumed it felt similar. It actually felt quite nice, all things considered.

Martina didn’t know why she was having these mixed opinions, though. Did it feel good because of how she squatted? Was her posture placing pressure on the G-spot? She didn’t know. Her jeans were wrapped around both ankles. Her knees were tucked beneath her arms. Martina’s ass was visible over the ground. With a mixture of pleasure and pain, she groaned.

“What the heck is that?” Emily called out. Martina opened one of her eyes and saw Emily with her mouth agape.

“What?” Martina asked, suddenly concerned, “You see blood?”

“None,” Emily said.

“Thank God for small miracles,” Martina gasped.” Well, stop watching me then, eh?”

Emily turned around, aware that cars were driving behind her. Emily was standing in a way that blocked drivers and passengers from seeing her friend defecating in public. She was keeping a lookout.

Her poop needed to push its way out of her body. It was quite an extreme feeling, and she could not stand it for very much longer. In fact, it began pushing against Martina’s insides, to the point where it was rubbing against something very sensitive. Martina felt like she was having an orgasm.

“Martina, it sounds like you are cumming!” Emily said with a raised eyebrow.

But Martina couldn’t respond, in fact, she could hardly breathe! A recognizable tension began to build within her.

“Oh shit!” Martina squealed out, reaching orgasm.

As Martina squatted, she leaned forward and kept doing so until her entire head was practically touching the ground. Shaking and whimpering, Martina felt a pulsing sensation in her nether regions. Her face became hot and sweaty, even though poo was still coming out.

“Martina,” Emily said curiosity while touching her friend’s shoulder. “Are you okay? What is happening?”

“I just had an orgasm,” Martina panted while trying to straighten her back.

“You can’t be serious…” Emily replied.

“I know, right?” Martina said, giddy. “Who has an orgasm while shitting?!”

“You are unbelievable…” Emily said, laughing.

“Yep!” Martina replied, squeezing her eyes shut. “In fact, this is the most intense thing I have ever experienced.”

Martina continued pooping. She didn’t know how much was left in her, but the sexual sensation began to happen again. Another orgasm arrived a minute later. Only this time, the feeling wasn’t so great. In fact, Martina was starting to feel slightly sore in sensitive areas. Her legs were quivering, perhaps from squatting excessively. Her guts happened to be just as exhausted.

Suddenly, Martina let out a huge fart. The sound was almost triumphant – as if balloons were being deflated after a party had ended. She had felt the last of the poop coming out, and, at long last, her butthole started to tighten up again. It seemed like Martina was done shitting, and the pressure was finally taken off her intestines.

“Thank goodness…” Martina said, rising to her feet, her legs somewhat wobbly.

“How do you feel?” Emily asked, curious about her friend’s state.

“I think I’m okay,” Martina replied.

“Awesome,” Emily said, purposely trying to look away from her friend. “So, you want to pull your jeans back up?”

“Oh, yeah, right…”

Emily handed Martina a napkin, which she used to wipe her bottom. Surprisingly, her ass remained unblemished. Martina pulled her pants up with a grin.

“I honestly cannot believe all of this came from my body!” She said, laughing. “Is it weird that I feel proud right now?”

“A little,” Emily laughed, shaking her head. “Look, swallowing strange pills is no longer an option, okay?”

When the girls got to the car, they realized it still contained the scent of gasoline farts. As such, the windows were left open for the whole drive home.

“Tomorrow is your turn to super-duper poop,” Martina chuckled when they got to Emily’s house.

“Yeah, that’s not happening,” Emily replied, getting out of the car. She rolled her eyes before waving goodbye to Martina.

As Martina drove away, she couldn’t help but feel a surge of adrenaline still inside of her. She could tell that her horniness hadn’t gone away with the poop. She decided to send a message to one of the ‘friends-with-benefits’ she had.

“Hey!” Martina texted after reaching a red light. “Do you wanna come to my place?”

“Unfortunately, I can’t,” one boy responded. “I have a girlfriend now.”

“Okay, your loss,” Emily replied with a smiley face. “Hey, wanna see something?”

Before the boy had a chance to respond, he received a photo of Martina’s super-duper poop.

“Are you serious?!” he texted back.

But Martina did not reply. She giggled to herself for the remainder of the drive home.

Martina learned an important lesson that day – always pay attention to what you put in your body, even if it’s a “vitamin.”

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